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  • M.Sc. Medieninformatik


Starting in highschool I was part of the Homepage Club and relaunched the school's website. This, coupled with other extracurricular programming activities, including local competitions, led me on the path to programming and computer science.

At the Computer Science course at the Hochschule Furtwangen University I've enjoyed a broad education with a practical orientation in many fields of computer science, leading to a solid foundation that I can easily build upon. I've found during my bachelor's degree that my personal interests lay in media- and application-programming (including games and websites) and thus I've taken the route of pursuing a master's degree in Computer Science in Media, also in Furtwangen. There I was able to expand upon my interests and broaden my horizon.I also got a chance to teach foundations of web development at said university for a few semesters as a Lecturer after acquiring my degree.

Due to many academic and private projects, I have a wide range of knowledge not only in technical but also personal and social aspects of being a programmer.

In my free time I develop(ed) various projects ranging from small online tools and Discord bots to full-stack websites. See the portfolio part below.
Game Designer & Developer
Starting as a (computer-) games enthusiast and driven by the desire to understand what makes a game play-worthy, I started educating myself alongside my bachelor's degree in game development and game design.

Back then I used Minecraft as my game engine of choice, due to both the big playerbase (and thus a big potential playerbase for my own creations) as well as free and easy access to already existing games and maps. Using the pseudonym Plagiatus I offered up my own maps through the internet, which led to a certain amount of fame in the community. Some of my Maps have been uploaded to the official Mojang (makers of Minecraft) servers and offered for download and play. All of this opened up great possibilities to develop myself and my skills: I've founded and am still owning a maptesting community, focused on playing the games of others and providing constructive feedback. I've also held positions like tech lead for different teams.

By now I've worked with other engines, especially Unity, and thus I was able to get a good understanding of game design and development. My master's degree helped elevate that knowledge due to it including some gamedev courses. For my thesis I was part of a team developing a didactic game engine.

Currently I am a game developer and designer at spark universe.

High-School Diploma (Abitur)

Kreisgymnasium Hochschwarzwald

Bachelor of Science

Computer Science

Master of Science

Computer Science in Media


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Project Management
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Software Engineering
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Awards and Qualifications
Master of Science 2019
Award for outstanding civic commitment 2019
Research Award of the Digital Media faculty 2018
Bachelor of Science 2017
Award for best term project at the Computer Science faculty 2017
Cambridge certificate (C1) 2012
DELF certificate (B1) 2011
Civic/Volunteer Commitment
As an open and always happy to help type of person I am always on the lookout for possibilities to help and support others. Through the years I've been active in many different organisations: youth officer in a local accordion club, regional youth officer in the regional accordion oganisation, elected representative of the pupils of my highschool, longtime member and periodically president of General Students Committee (AStA) of the Hochschule Furtwangen University (whose responsibilities include organizing of events, person of contact for students, link between students and the chancellorship, political representation of students and much more), two term elected member of the Students Council (legislative organ of the students union at the university), head and founder of multiple university clubs, etc.
It brings me joy to make other people happy and thus improving their lives.

Work / Portfolio

Vue.js • NodeJS • MongoDB • OAuth • Microsoft • APIs


Realmshub is a website that lets its users log in with their Microsoft account to manage their Minecraft Realms through a browser, which is otherwise only possible in-game.

Except for the basic design of the website I am the sole contributor to the project, meaning I developed both the front- and backend, wrote a custom API wrapper for Microsofts and Mojangs APIs, designed the database and software architecture all while keeping the users data as secure as possible.

Realmshub is an actively developed open-source project.

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Vue.js • NodeJS • MongoDB • Discord.js


In an ongoing effort to improve the Minecraft Maptesting Discord Community I created a few years ago, I am developing a website to be integrated into the testing flow of the server. In tandem with the specially created discord bot it will allow its users to manage their user profiles and sessions, modify ongoing sessions live, earn reputation as well as give and receive feedback.

Work in progress

NodeJS • MongoDB • Websockets

Bocket Tools (Bedrock Websocket Tools) is an ambitious project which aims to be a collection of tools for the Minecraft game (Bedrock Edition) using the web socket protocol. It is especially tricky to do as the web socket integration in Minecraft is basically undocumented and unreasonably limited in its implementation.

Early work in progress
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Typescript • HTML • CSS • NodeJS

Clash of the Creators

Clash of the creators was a monthly live stream event with lots of creators from the Minecraft community participating in friendly challenges. I was responsible for the implementation and design of both the website and the stream extension which would let viewers follow the scoreboard and track the achievements of the contestants live.
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C# • Unity • interactiondesignn • installation

Gridical 2017

Gridical, developed in the interactiondesign course and originally intended for the usage in front of the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, is an easy game in which the player needs to send a dodecahedron through a warping and moving grid to reach the goal before their opponents do.

The installation was visible and playable at the "Media Day" at the faculty for Digital Media of the Hochschule Furtwangen University.

C# • Unity • Android • Gamedevelopment 3D 


In this turnbased game the goal is to push the opponents cubes off the playing field and thus reducing their lives to zero.

CUBLEX was developed for Gamedevelopment 3D course at the University.

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Actionscript • Flash • Gamedevelopment 2D

BonbonBox 2015

BonbonBox is a remake of Candy Box, one of the early idle games from 2013, originally created by aniwey. It's about collecting candy, trading it for helpful items and fighting your way through various locations, starting in your underpants in the peacful forest and fighting your way through into the depths of hell.
BonbonBox was developed for the Gamedevelopment 2D course at the University.


A GameJam is an Event, at which the participants have a predefined, short time to create a game from scratch. All games shown here were created over the course of 48 hours, if not stated otherwise.
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Color Quest Point And Click, 2014
The colors have been stolen from the world. Rescue the kidnapped color fairies to bring them back.
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Hack and Pray Hack and Slay, 2015
2D hackandslay that lets you fight members of various cults and religions in waves.
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Raindancer Rythm, 2016
Dance and beat a drum to native american rythms.
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Jump 'n' Scream 'n' Run Platformer, 2017
A 2D platformer game that shows or hides the platforms depending on the volume of the player.
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Froggy Love Android, Skill, 2018
The frogs are on their way to the spawing pond. Help the smaller, weaker (and lazier) males to find a fitting female and place them on their backs.
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LARK Android, Stealth/Escape, 2018
A war veteran wants to escape from a mental hospital, hauted by his past and hallucinations. 96 hour gamejam
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Inbound: Earth true 3D VR Towerdefense, 2019
Aliens are attacking the earth from all directions. Send defense satelites into orbit to defend earth from the alien hordes.
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Egorthps 3D Platformer, 2019
A 3D, first person platformer game with an orthographic camera view.
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Outa Control 2D Platformer, 2020
In this unusual platformer the character is moving on its own and stream viewers have to try to manipulate the surroundings in a way that, depening on the team, the character makes it to the end or is prevented from doing so.
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Turf Roll Endless Runner, 2022
Move your character on an ever faster rolling cube. Collect coins to accumulate your score and avoid getting squashed in the process!
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Typescript/Javascript • HTML/CSS • Discord.js 


For my maptesting discord I developed a discord bot that allows easy setup of testing sessions with dedicated channels and roles. The bot is a great help in the managing of the server and the sessions.
In a testing session the author of a map can invite other members of the server to play and critique their map.

Python • GitHub • artificial intelligence

Repository Classifier

The repository classifier is a multiplatform python program featuring both a gui and cli version, allowing the classification of git repositories on GitHub. For this an artificial intelligence has been trained to classify the repositories into one of seven categories using various metrics including keywords, attributes such as used languages, amount of commits and collaborators and much more. The classifier has been created by a team of 4 in the winter semester of 2016/17 as submission for the contest of the German Assiciation for Computer Science. It also won the award for best term project of the Computer Science faculty.

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C++ • OpenCV • image processing

Barcode App for the Blind

The idea of this barcode app is not only reading a barcode like any other scanner, but the specific support for visually impaired people. The app can detect a barcode in almost any perspective and rotation anywhere inside a picture or live feed, rectify and scan it and then output relevant information on the screen as text or as text-to-speech.
Design and implementation of a vector and animation editor on the foundation of standard web technologies for use in the Furtwangen University Didactic Game Editor (FUDGE)
There are many different game engines on the market, most of them are commercial. Many engines do some things very similar, in other things they are very different. Often, the engine must be left to create assets. Very few of these engines are tailored to teaching but focus on the professional and commercial application. Because of all these factors, it is often awkward or unsuitable to use these engines in teaching.
For all these problems, FUDGE (Furtwangen University Didactic Game Editor) should help. FUDGE is a web-based, cross-platform game editor that is specifically tailored towards teaching. It is intended to provide the most basic functions of a game engine, such as Unity or Adobe Animate, and thus make it easier to get started.
In this master thesis, two aspects of FUDGE are planned, designed and implemented: a vector editor for creating textures and an animation editor for animating arbitrary object properties.
Charakterisierung und Demonstration von Grenzkonflikten bei der Perzeption von Stereo-3D Inhalten hinsichtlich der patenten und okulomotorischen Stereopsis in VR-Anwendungen
Oculomotor and patent stereopsis are essential aspects that allow humans to see three dimensional, in real life and virtual reality. Because of certain properties in VR-Environments these aspects might lead to problems in spatial perception.In distinct experiments the size of the areas in which the viewer feels comfortable with was examined for the case of natural vision. The size of these areas changes with technically generated content. In this work a rule is derived which refers to the findings of Shibata in the publication "The Zone of Comfort: Predicting visual discomfort with stereodisplays". This rule can be used when creating three dimensional applications for virtual reality and should avoid leaving the comfort zone. Against this background,a virtual reality application was developed, which should bring the viewer into oculomotor and patent stereopsis border conflicts. Based on the results of the subject test with this application, the rule could be derived.

Facial-detection and -recognition using the Microsoft HoloLens
Technology is advancing very quickly. And while consumer-friendly and affordable Virtual Reality came up only a short time ago, we already have developers concentrating on Augmented Reality. One of the pioneers of AR is the Microsoft HoloLens, a wearable, spectacle-like computer, equipped with various possibilities of analysis of the surroundings as well as projecting holograms into reality. This thesis tries to implement a face-detection and -recognition on the base of the possibilities of the HoloLens. This also includes a comparison and juxtaposition of different possibilities of implementation and approaches of such an algorithm.
HTML/CSS • Typescript • Teaching


In the summer semester of 2019 I held a lecture on "development of interactive applications II", a foundation course for Media Design students in their second semester at the Hochschule Furtwangen University. I was hired as a substitute for a professor who was on a sabbatical term. In this course I taught the foundations of interactive web applications, specifically using Typescript and HTML/CSS. It covers a wide range of topics, including interactive websites, servers, databases and object oriented programming concepts, with special focus on the internal and external design and concept.
I was nominated for the teaching award in the semester I taught the course.

I also held a similar lecture for three semesters in 2020 and 2021 called "Basics of interactive systems" which provided a practice oriented overview of full stack development with a focus on the development itself instead of the design and concept that the previous lecture focused on.
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Gamedesign • Communitymanagement • Teamwork • Team lead


Using the pseudonym Plagiatus I've started publishing my own Minecraft maps (autonomous (game) creation bundled under a Minecraft worldsave, basically game design and development using Minecraft as the engine) back in 2014. Through the years the maps improved, the playerbase for my maps grew and with it the regongnition of my name. Today I have a total of 8 maps published on Minecraft Realms, the official Mojang (creators of Minecraft) Servers, 5 of which I have credit by name, the other ones I was part of a larger team. Before they broke due to version incompatibilities these maps had a total weekly playtime of roughly 1000 hours (february 2018). My most downloaded map outside of the official servers currently has over 42'000 downloads. My seperate minecraft Portfolio can be found here:

I have done work for various youtubers or independently on payed projects. For two years I was tech lead of a big, professional mapmaking team with 10+ technicians under me. I have also worked on professional projects that are now available for purchase on the minecraft marketplace.

In August of 2016 I founded a Discord server with the goal of supporting others in their mapmaking endeavours with constructive feedback and technical expertise. It has grown to over 500 members over the last years and is the biggest discord server of this kind.
I am also a moderator and founding member of the biggest techincal Minecraft Discord server that is all about the Minecraft-specific programming language which is closing in on 3000 members.
HTML/CSS • Typescript • Ionic • Mobile • Installation


The idea behind Kom[bp]o is the creation of a collaborative soundexperience, in which up to twelve participants can create a constantly changing soundscape together. For this the participants can select sounds on their smartphone they first can only hear on their headphones. If they are happy with their selection and the combined sound of the surroundings, they can publish their creation by physically throwing it into the room, making it audible for everyone and combining it with the already existing sounds for a new room sound. The sounds are disappearing over time, causing permanent changing of the soundscape.
Kom[bp]o has been created by a team of 5 master students and won the Research Award of the Digital Media faculty of the Hochschule Furtwangen University 2018. It was exhibited at the Webaudioconference 2018 in Berlin.
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